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Hi everyone!

It officially marks two months since I’ve started this blog. I’m blown away by the support and kind words I’ve received and am beyond grateful for those that have made a point to read my work, exchange thoughts and provide me feedback.

I’ve included the tentative titles and topics of my upcoming posts for the month of November. I hope you all continue to stay tuned!

  1. Sometimes Monsters Plant You Flowers and Become More Human. (A story about moral absolutism and forgiveness).
  2. When Your Shell Cracks and Reality Seeps In. (A story about when elders start telling you the truth).
  3. What Happens When Your Hero Falls? (A story about mental health).
  4. Tongue-tied: Making Room for Rainbows. (A story about cleansing your mouth of bitterness).
  5. Kaleidoscope Lenses: Who Taught You to Hate Yourself? (A story about beauty, confidence and self-love).
  6. When the Queen Emerges from the Shadows and Decrowns the King. (A story of gender roles. culture shock, and resentment in the East African community).
  7. Swapping Fear for Faith: God is the Best of Planners. (A story of triumph, failure and uncertainty).



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