My Mamaiay’s Keeper



“When your hero falls from grace
all fairy tales R uncovered
myths exposed and pain magnified
the greatest pain discovered
u taught me 2 be strong
but I’m confused 2 c u so weak
u said never 2 give up
and it hurts 2 c u welcome defeat
when ure Hero falls so do the stars
and so does the perception of tomorrow
without my Hero there is only
me alone 2 deal with my sorrow.
your Heart ceases 2 work
and your soul is not happy at all
what R u expected 2 do
when ure only Hero falls”


The thought of sharing you –

With the world,

Would be like me dying,

A thousand deaths.

I’d rather bleed –

Than let ink spill of you,

In this life,

Or next.

I’m not brave enough to write about you.

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