Empty Promises: Docile and Damned.



“The Master’s tools will never dismantle the Master’s house.”

-Audre Lorde

First, they called us illiterate, and then we learned how to read.

Then, they called us uneducated and we got our High School diplomas.

Then, they told us we need a Bachelors degree to be competitive…

Once we got our Bachelors, they retorted:

“A Bachelors degree is the new High School diploma, you need to go to graduate school.”

So, we got our Masters and Doctorates.

Then, they told us being educated doesn’t guarantee a good job anymore.

We went to job interviews,

With our (over) qualified credentials,

Yet, they told us, “Sorry, you’re not a good culture fit.”

So, then they told us to think outside of the box,

Be innovative –

Be entrepreneurial –

Build the American Dream!


The government funding dried up.

Then, when we went to the bank for a loan to start our businesses,

They sneered –

“Sorry, but you need minimal debt, consistent work history, and good credit.”


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