Coloring Tombstones


Yoooo –

When I die,

Y’all niggas better not embarrass me.

I gotta go out like a man –

I don’t wanna see none of that Go Fund Me shit

I’m not about to be out here,

Looking like I didn’t handle my business

Like I didn’t make sure my family’s straight


I got the highest life insurance policy out here!


And don’t let noooone of these niggas,

Not one

Take pictures of me in the hospital,

Looking like a zombie –

Tied up to all them machines,

Talking ‘bout RIP to the bro.

I don’t want to be captured in no weak ass state.


One last thing –

Don’t let them put that shit in me,

You know what I’m talkin bout?

That liquid that preserves your body,

Got you lookin fresh at the open casket.

I’m good off that –

I gotta go back into the ground,

100% natural.

I need the Earth to feed off me,

You know like fertilizer.

Let my last act…

Give back to the world somehow,

Feel me?


What about you Rahwa?

Got any requests?

How you not tryna go out?


Iono bro,

Ima jus wing it.

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