I have a secret.

It’s about my mother.

There was the one I told my friends about,

The mom I wished I had…

Then, there was the other mom.

She faces her battles every day,

Even though

She may never win the war

She’s helped me see…

That I didn’t cause her disease.

I can’t control it.

And I can’t cure it.

This is my mom.

And that is her story.

And now…

I’m ready,

To claim my own.

–  Grace “Call Me Crazy”




Helloooo? Aieee this thing never works.

Mamaiay, I can hear you.


Yes, I’m here. Can you hear me?

Not really – they’re disrupting my phone.

Ok, I’ll speak louder.

Are you okay?

Yes, I’m doing good.

Really? Are you sure? I always worry.

Yea – I been trying to reach you for days though.

They block all my calls; they won’t let me speak.

How can I reach you if your phone is always off?

The monsters don’t let me, they follow me.

Just try to keep your phone on please and put it on loud.

They’re trying to kill me.

Focus, that’s not what I asked you.

Can you send me money?

I just sent you some last week, what did you spend it on?

They stole it.

What do you mean? The money went somewhere.

Aieee, you don’t understand they’re robbing me!

How much do you need?

As much you can give.

I can only give you $300 this week.

Okay thanks, I’m going to get a job soon.

You’ve been saying that for years. What happened to your interview?

The monsters don’t let me. They shocked me, my ears and eyes are disappearing.

Have you gone to the doctor to get them checked out?

Oof no – they can’t do anything.

Do you want me to schedule an appointment?

No, if you want to save me buy me a house.

We’ve talked about this already; I don’t want to buy one.

So, you’re going to let them kill me? I’m going to die.

No, you’re not.

The neighbors are poisoning me they send me gas through the walls.

You’ll be fine, just don’t start any trouble.

I’m not okay, they don’t let me do anything. You don’t care.                      

I do care, but I’m not going to argue with you.

Are you gaining weight? Moving apartments? Changing jobs? Don’t let the enemy win.

No – everything is fine.

You always do good. I worry for no reason, eh?

Yea, you do.

I’m going to pay you back and help one day.

It’s cool, I got it.

I’m sorry I know this isn’t life.

I have no complaints.

Did you put the money in my account?

Yea, I just transferred it in.

Okay, thank you zagualey.

You only ever call me for money.

What can I do? If I talk on the phone, they’re going to harm you.

But how am I supposed to know you’re okay?

I’m never okay. 

Well, what have you been up to lately?

Rahwa, they’re listening I have to go.

Wait, when will I hear –

I love you



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