The Corporate Negro



“Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient republics: Freedom for slave owners.”

– Vladimir Lenin

Blacked out faces

Going to work

Searching for a savior

Dressed for church

Ain’t no deliverance from this evil

Cuz you can cash out the sin

The wolf eats, the dog sleeps

Not everyone can win


Stuck on this merry go round

And it just won’t stop

Hypnotized as it spins

Ur freedom’s strapped to a clock


How much for your soul?

What’d you name your price?

Did you get your wish upon a star?

Did you get ur mom right?


Out here preaching how you made it out

Uncle Tom ass nigga

Was it worth the clout?


Poke ur chest back in

Employee of the month

Thinking you hit a goldmine

But you sittin in a dump


Nothing but a sheep

Playing in a lion’s den

You get checked, not respect

Different bars, same pen   –  itentiary

Living for ur resumé

And not ur obituary


Free your mind

Claim your time

You forget that you’re great?

Did you spit out your worth?

And swallow their hate?


The People need you

Are you gonn step up?

Is you a boss

Or a bitch

Ur act bout to blow up


Ain’t got nothing to show

But a tag on your shirt

Dream sweeper, grim reaper

Go back to the Earth


Poor little Tink Tink

Shackled in the slave’s rink

Don’t know who you are 9-5

5-9 got you hoodwinked


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