i want you to know

this waz an experiment

to see how selifsh i cd be

if i wd really carry on to snare a possible lover

if i waz capable of debasin my self for the love of another

if i cd stand not being wanted

when i wanted to be wanted

& i cannot


with no further assistance & no guidance from you

i am endin this affair

this note is attached to a plant

i’ve been waterin since the day i met you

you may water it

yr damn self

Ntozake Shange

My Dearest Lawrence,

I Love You…

In this life, and however many more exist thereafter.

I don’t understand you…us, nor do I seek to.

I’ve been limited by intellect and fallacies of who we are and what the future holds.

Perhaps, life is best experienced centering emotion and the moment

– The pulse of our beings –

I want to feel. Everything.

Let’s be fools / that love / that live

Meet me in Paris.


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