Nonchalant Negress


You, your best thing, Sethe. You are.

Toni Morrison, Beloved

I’ve always felt that the “c” acronym in c-suite for chief was a misnomer and the proper nomenclature was cock. “Cock Executive Officer,” “Cock Operations Officer,” “Cock Technology Officer,” “Cock ‘I’ll Make Up a Title’ Officer,” etc. etc. The cock-suite is filled with men where the only thing larger than the size of their balls, are their inflated egos. The cock-suite spend most of their time fighting amongst each other on important company matters such as comparing whose dick is bigger. The size of each dick is measured by their range of control.

The cock-suite told me I need to work on my personal branding…

Said they want to “invest in me” and craft a better “public image”

Aka be more like them

Less like me

But I don’t want to be buried in a suit

Every time I go to work I feel like I’ve got on this ugly ass ill-fitted suit

But I make it work even if I’m uncomfortable because I understand this is the uniform to do the job

In between the smiles, the handshakes, the seconds to breathe between meetings – my mind fasts forwards through the day –

and I can’t wait

I just can’t wait to get home

I fantasize about taking off this damn suit

Shaking my hair loose

Letting my breasts breathe

Branding is corporate speak for assimilation

So what they tellin me is that now I can never take off my suit

It’s crazy how the same suit that gets you in the door

Nails you to the floor

The cock-suite said I can’t say “fuck”

Even though they say “fuck”

And everyone else says “fuck”

No more branding budget for me


No more job for me

What the fuck!

What the?

The fuck?!




I got a whole lotta fucks to give

But none left for you

Wasted too much tryna grow balls too

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